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Best Nutritional Supplements to Take

supplementsNutritional supplements are an essential part of every healthy person’s lifestyle. I can tell you right now, that I personally take around 20 vitamins a day. Yes you heard right. The buzz around nutritional supplementing has been around for decades, and no longer are they just used by old people. I get sick about once every three years, and I can honestly thank my supplements, along with a semi-healthy diet and workout routine for this fortunate rarity. Not only are they great for boosting your immune system, but also great for muscle building and improving fat loss.

Listed below is the best-of-the-best essential supplement list I have put together, along with dosage and times to take. Continue Reading…

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COACHELLA 2011 Performances You Should Not Miss

COACHELLA’S EVE IS UPON US… AND THAT MEANS ITS FINAL PREP DAY!! To make things easier for some of you who might be wondering who the best acts to see that day are, I highlighted the top acts in red. Yes, set times do overlap, but that’s half the fun of it! Go see Brandon Flowers for 20 minutes, then go sprint to Cut Copy, and back to Black Keys…. AHHHH, COACHELLA :) Continue Reading…

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Coachella 2011 Lineup Announced!

Coachella 2011 LineupMan – its been ages since I’ve written a blog, partly because my site got hacked about 6 months ago, and also the launch of my new clothing company, LA vs THE WORLD

I’m just so damn excited to write this review I don’t know where to begin. This is the one time of year every music lover salivates all 365 days over. I’ve already heard some people complaining that this years lineup isn’t that strong… GET REAL. What do you want — every single dope act known to man to be on the playbill so that you miss 3/4 of them because they are all playing at the same time?? This is what happened last year at Coachella 2010 — the strongest lineup to date. I am more than satisfied will the 2011 Coachella lineup. Thank You once again Goldenvoice!

As hard as is it to do, I’m going to break into consideration the top lucky  # 7 acts of each day — cause let’s face it, you’re at the parties all day long and frankly you’re probably not even going to see 7 shows a day!

Having said that, all the aforementioned acts will be accompanied by their most revered songs, and a link to a video of it to get yo ass pumped up! I will also name the day’s awards — which I will call…. Well lets just name ‘em afterwords ;)

I call this the “I’m excited to write a blog about who you should be excited to see at Coachella this year!” blog post

Continue Reading…

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City Brands Clothing

LA vs THE WORLD men's LogoCity Brands is a new eco-friendly line that produces all of their clothing out of bamboo. YUP — just like the stuff our furry little panda friends eat… but don’t worry, they are not stealing away any panda food. The bamboo City Brands Clothing uses is a different strand than the one panda’s eat.

The bamboo concept came from a higher calling — The world was using too much water, so we decided to save it with bamboo. It has been more than a well known fact these days that the world’s water resources are diminishing at an outstanding pace, so City Brands has decided to make a stance and help.

Bamboo has been the save all for the fashion world. Considering conventional cotton uses around 1000+ gallons of water for a single t-shirt, and organic cotton about half that, with bamboo only needing 40 gallons — this fabric just makes sense. Not to mention, bamboo uses no insecticides or pesticides unlike cotton.

The best thing about City Brands clothing is how rad and soft the shirts are! They are literally the softest pieces of clothing your body will ever have the privilege to rock. The “cashmere of casualwear”, these bamboo clothing pieces are a must have for any hipster’s wardrobe.

In addition to the environmental advantages from City Brands Clothing, they are also doing some amazing philanthropy with the Cambodian Children’s Fund. With every article of clothing you purchase from City Brands Clothing, they are donating $1 to help the Cambodian Children’s Fund. Move over Tom’s Shoes, there’s a new sheriff in town.

Now getting to the overall look of the shirts… the men’s signature piece entails a perfectly fitting scoop neck — LA vs THE WORLD Men's Signature Scoop Neck T-Shirtsomething the fashion market lags greatly. The graphic is an ingenious “I love NY” spinoff, and really makes a strong statement… Los Angeles, take pride in your city!

For more information about purchasing some of these rad tees you can visit

Enter code “whatsking” at checkout for 20% off!

You can also follow City Brands Clothing on and


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